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  12 Exciting Days in Israel!
 June 6 - 17, 2015
 $4400 from Dallas/Fort Worth
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(Plus Tips)



Day 1 - Dallas:

Depart Dallas in the afternoon for Tel Aviv via Frankfurt, Germany.


Day 2 - Tel Aviv:

Arrive in Tel Aviv in the afternoon. Proceed to our hotel in Tel Aviv located on the shore of the Mediterranean Sea. After dinner, the evening will be free for you to stroll along the Mediterranean beach or explore Tel Aviv.


Day 3 - Old Jaffa and Tel Aviv:

We will begin our tour of Israel by going first to the ancient port of Jaffa, located just south of modern day Tel Aviv. (Keep in mind that Tel Aviv was not established until the 20th Century.) Jaffa is the port from which the prophet Jonah began his ill-fated voyage. We will stroll through the old city, visiting the traditional site where Peter received the vision that called him to preach to the Gentiles. We will then do a bus tour of Tel Aviv, including a walk through the Carmel Market. The group will then be released to walk down Diezengoff Street, the main shopping area of Tel Aviv. You will be free to select a cafe of your choice for lunch. After lunch we will regather to continue our tour of Tel Aviv. We will visit a bookstore and meeting place in central Tel Aviv that is run by Messianic Jews, and we will likely have a worship service there. We will then proceed to Independence Hall where the Israeli Declaration of Independence was read by David ben Gurion on May 14, 1948. We will complete the day with a visit to the Israeli Mint where you can shop for commemorative medals. We may also try to visit an immigrant relocation center. We will try to get back to the hotel a little early so that you can do some swimming in either the hotel pool or the Mediterranean Sea. Overnight in Tel Aviv.


Day 4 -Tel Aviv to Tiberias on the Sea of Galilee:

We will begin our day at the excavations of Caesarea Maritime, the Roman capital in the time of Christ. This is the city where the first Gentile, Cornelius, accepted the Lord. It is also the place where Paul spent two years in prison. Here we will see the Roman amphitheater, the port constructed by King Herod, and the remarkable Roman aqueduct. We will continue north along the Mediterranean coast to Mt. Carmel where we will visit the site of Elijah's triumph over the prophets of Baal. From this vantage point we will also be able to get a panoramic view of the Valley of Armageddon. We will next proceed to Haifa for a breathtaking view of the city and the harbor. After lunch in Haifa, we will continue north almost to the Lebanese border where we will tour the Crusader city of Akko. The most important edifice in the town is the Hall of the Knights Hospitallers, one of the finest examples of Crusader architecture still in existence. From Akko we will head for our hotel in Tiberias on the western shore of the Sea of Galilee. Overnight in Tiberias.


Day 5 - Galilee Area:

This will be a day of worship services at sites that were important in the life of Jesus. We will begin the day with a devotional service at the Hill of the Beatitudes. We will then proceed to the site of the city of Khorazin where there are the remains of a First Century synagogue where Jesus frequently ministered. We will conduct another devotional there which will center on the healing ministry of Jesus. Our next stop will be Capernaum, the town that served as the headquarters for Jesus' ministry. If possible (depending on the crowds), we will conduct our third devotional of the day at this site. We will next visit the Church of St. Peter at Tabgha, a small church located right on the seashore. We will have a devotional here that will focus on Jesus' post-resurrection appearance to the Disciples while they were fishing. We will then take a cruise back to Tiberias, stopping the boat in the middle of the sea to conduct a devotional about Peter's brief walk on the water. After a lunch of St. Peter fish, we will drive to the southern end of the Sea of Galilee to visit one of the oldest kibbutzim in Israel, Kibbutz Deganya, where Moshe Dayan was born and raised. We will conclude the day with a visit to the Christian baptismal site on the Jordan River, just south of the Sea of Galilee. We will conduct a baptismal service for those who desire to be baptized in the Jordan as a witness of their faith. Overnight in Tiberias.


Day 6 - Tiberias to Jerusalem:

We will start out with a visit to Nazareth, the boyhood home of Jesus. In Nazareth we will visit the Church of the Annunciation and the Church of St. Joseph. These churches are located over the traditional site where Mary and Joseph lived. We will also visit the traditional site of the synagogue of Nazareth where Jesus preached His first sermon. Our visit to Nazareth will be concluded with a stop at the ancient city well where it is believed the Angel Gabriel appeared to Mary. From Nazareth we will drive across the Valley of Armageddon to the tell of Megiddo, the ancient fortress city that guarded the approach to the valley. We will tour the tell, including its fascinating water tunnel. After eating lunch at the Meggido kibbutz, we will proceed back across the Valley of Armageddon to the Jordan River Valley where we will begin to follow the course of the Jordan River south to Jericho. En route we will stop to walk through the incredible excavations at Beit Shean. This is the city where the body of King Saul was nailed to the walls. It is the largest excavation in the land of Israel. We will conclude the day by making our ascent to the city of Jerusalem, "the city of the Great King!" (Psalm 48:2). Upon arrival, we will proceed immediately to the Western Wall for a time of prayer. We will then go to our hotel and will spend our next five nights here. In the evening, after supper, you will be free to walk to Ben Yehuda Street in new Jerusalem to visit the shops and the cafes.


Day 7 - The Mount of Olives, the Arab Quarter of the Old City, and New Jerusalem:

We will drive to the top of the Mount of Olives for a panoramic view of Jerusalem. We will then stroll down the mount to the Garden of Gethsemane, pausing en route at a lovely chapel called Dominus Flevit. This chapel marks the traditional site where Jesus wept over the city of Jerusalem. We will have a devotional at this spot that will focus on the Second Coming of Jesus. We will continue walking down the Mount of Olives to the Garden of Gethsemane where we will visit the Church of All Nations. From Gethsemane we will proceed to the Lion's Gate of the Old City and begin our walking tour through the city. After making stops at the Pool of Bethesda and the Crusader Church of St. Anne, we will walk the Via Dolorosa to the Church of the Holy Sepulcher (the traditional Catholic site of the crucifixion and burial of Jesus). This walk will begin at the Convent of the Sisters of Zion where the pavement floor is located that served as the foundation of the Antonio Fortress. This is the place where Pilate judged Jesus and the soldiers scourged Him. When we finish our walk on the Via Dolorosa, we will proceed to the Joppa Gate on the west side of the Old City. After lunch we will proceed to the new city of Jerusalem for a visit to the Mt. Herzl cemetery and the Holocaust Museum. If time permits we will also visit the Dead Sea Scrolls Museum. Overnight in Jerusalem.


Day 8 - The Dead Sea:

We will get an early start for the Dead Sea. Our route will take us back down the main highway to Jericho where we will turn south and start driving along the shores of the Dead Sea. This is the lowest point on the surface of the earth. We will ascend to the top of Herod's fortress of Masada by cable car and spend considerable time walking around this remarkable site with its fantastic view of the Dead Sea. On our return trip to Jerusalem, we will stop at Qumran where the Dead Sea scrolls were found in 1947. We will eat lunch there and then tour the area. From there we will go to the oasis of Ein Gedi where David often hid from Saul and the Philistines. Our next stop will be a kibbutz where Ahava body products are manufactured. We will visit the factory discount store and give you an opportunity to purchase their products. We will then proceed to a spot where you can go swimming in the Dead Sea. Our last stop of the day will be along the road from Jericho to Jerusalem. We will go to the Wadi Kelt and give you an opportunity to see the incredible Monastery of St. George which perches on the side of a steep cliff in the wadi. Overnight in Jerusalem.


Day 9 - The Jewish Quarter of the Old City:

We will begin the day on Mt. Zion where we will visit the traditional sites of the tomb of David and the Upper Room where the Last Supper was held. Then we will walk through the Zion Gate and head for the Jewish quarter of the Old City. We will proceed to the Western Wall (the "Wailing Wall") and then on to the Temple Mount where we will visit the Dome of the Rock. After lunch we will tour the archeological tunnel that runs along the Western Wall. Overnight in Jerusalem.


Day 10 - Free Day in Jerusalem:

This will be a free day for you to use as you please. You can shop in the Old City, walk the walls, and go through the Cave of Zedekiah. You can visit the Citadel Museum which presents the history of Jerusalem. You can visit the King David Hotel and the YMCA on the west side of the Old City. You may want to go to the spectacular national museum of Israel, one of the world's greatest archaeological museums. You may want to arrange with the Jewish National Fund to plant some trees. If you are particularly adventuresome, you may want to walk Hezekiah's tunnel. Overnight in Jerusalem.


Day 11 - Jerusalem to Tel Aviv:

We will begin the day with a worship and communion service at the Garden Tomb. We will then head west out of the city toward Tel Aviv, driving to the Arab town of Abu Gosh (the Biblical town of Kiriath-jearim). This is where the Ark of the Covenant rested in a farm house for 70 years. We will visit the Church of the Ark and then go to a beautiful Messianic moshav called Yad Hashmona where we will eat lunch. A moshav is a collective farm which, unlike a kibbutz, divides the profits among its members. We travel to Tel Aviv for our short flight to Frankfurt, Germany for overnight. Upon arrival we proceed to an airport hotel for a good night’s rest.  


Day 12 - Dallas:

This morning we depart Frankfurt for our flight to Dallas/Ft. Worth arriving in the early afternoon. We will return with memories and new friends to last a lifetime and beyond!



Please Note - You should be physically able to walk, get on and off the bus, and get around without the assistance of another individual. If you are unable to do so, you must bring someone to assist you.


NOTE: The actual daily itinerary is subject to adjustment at the discretion of the tour operator.



PRICE:  Prices quoted are per person and in US dollars and are based on fares and costs in effect at the time of publication. Whenever possible, DWM obtains price guarantees from suppliers. However, depending upon the strength of the US dollar and the fluctuating nature of oil, gas and other costs, published rates are subject to change without notice. CREDIT CARDS may be used for DEPOSIT. If final payment is made by credit card, there will be a convenience fee of $159 added per person.
TRANSPORTATION:  Via jet economy class on Lufthansa German Airlines. Tickets must be completed 30 days prior to departure. Tickets cannot be changed once issued. NOTE: Passengers may arrange their own air & pay the ground price. Passengers doing their own air MUST meet the group at the airport or hotel.
DEVIATIONS/STOPOVERS: An individual change in the return date that is a deviation from the basic group itinerary will NOTbe allowed.
HOTELS:  Four & five star hotels throughout. Prices are based on two persons sharing a twin-bedded room with private bath. Single rooms are subject to availability for an additional cost of $980. If a passenger cannot supply a roommate and Discovery Worldwide Ministries is unable to do so, or your roommate cancels before departure, the passenger will have to pay the supplemental charge. (You may be billed after the final payment date for single room accommodations as necessary.)
MEALS:  Three meals daily: breakfast, LITE lunches and full dinners upon arrival in Israel.  Breakfast in Frankfurt on return only.
SIGHTSEEING: Local transportation is by deluxe, air-conditioned motor coach. The services of an English-speaking Israeliguide, entrance fees to places visited on sightseeing described in this itinerary are included in tour price.
AIRPORT TAXES/FUEL: $790 (actual cost as of 8/18/2014) NOTE: (Taxes/Fuel Surcharges may change without notice. Any increase will be billed to the passenger and must be paid prior to departure.)
Passport costs; food and beverages (including coffee and tea) not usually included with regular meals; optional tours and excursions not mentioned in this itinerary; accident and baggage insurance; transporting and handling excess luggage; personal tips to guides, drivers and others rendering special services. Tips of $144 will be included on final invoice. NOTE: (Taxes/Fuel Surcharges may change without notice.  Any increase will be billed to the passenger and must be paid prior to departure.)  In the event it becomes necessary to overnight material due to late receipt of registration or final payments, traveler will be billed for these charges.
INSURANCE: Acting only as agents for suppliers, Discovery Worldwide Ministries is not responsible for damage, loss, or theft of luggage and/or personal belongings, or for personal injury, accident and/or illness. For your own protection, it is important that you have adequate insurance to cover these possibilities. You should carry proof of insurance in the event you need medical attention while in Israel. Upon receipt of your statement, via an email, the link for optional insurance will be provided.
PASSPORT: A valid passport is required and must be obtained in person by each tour member. No visas are required for Israel. A valid passport is required to leave the USA. It should be valid for a minimum of SIX months after your return date; you will be denied boarding if your passport is not valid for SIX months beyond your return date.
REGISTRATION & DEPOSIT: A deposit of $500 per person is required at the time of registration.  Registrations received inside sixty (60) days must be accompanied by full payment. A $30 LATE   REGISTRATION fee will be assessed.
PAYMENTS: After you have registered for a tour, you will receive an invoice with final payment amount and date due. Final payments should be made payable to DISCOVERY WORLDWIDE MINISTRIES and must be received sixty (60) days prior to departure. Final payments received inside sixty (60) days will be assessed a $30 LATE PAYMENT fee. NOTE:  ALL reservations not fully paid by the sixty-day deadline are subject to cancellation, for which Tour Operator is not to be held responsible.
AIRLINE SEATS: Seats without a deposit must be released 95 days from departure. If you cancel your seat with DWM in writingwithin the 95 days there is a penalty of $100 per person.
If a passenger cancels his/her tour membership for any reason, there will be a cancellation fee of one hundred dollars ($100) to cover administrative and communication costs. For cancellations from 90-60 days an additional $100 is charged for a total cancellation fee of $200.  Cancellations received 59-31 days prior to departure: 25% of tour cost; 30-15 days: 50%; NO REFUND for cancellations within fourteen (14) days of departure -- trip cancellation and interruption insurance is available and is highly recommended. All cancellation requests must be addressed to Discovery Worldwide Ministries in writing. Phone calls for cancellations cannot be accepted.  

Discovery Worldwide Ministries (Tour Operator) agrees to arrange for the tour described in this brochure. This represents the entire agreement between the passenger and his agent, the Tour Host, the Tour Operator and its agents. Except as stated herein, no person is authorized to cancel, modify, or vary the tour arrangements or to make any representation of warranty concerning the tour. Except for the willful negligence of its direct employees, the Tour Operator assumes no liability or responsibility for any injuries, damages occasioned by circumstances beyond the control of Tour Operator, or by any person for any reason whatsoever, including but not limited to default or omission of and by any third party providing services or facilities related to or included in this tour or any part thereof, or in arranging for the same, or the acts or omissions of the Tour Host. Due to circumstances beyond the Tour Operator’s control, the sequence of touring sites may occasionally need to be altered. The airlines or cruise lines are not to be held responsible for any act, omission or event during the time the passengers are not on board planes, ships or conveyances. The passenger contracts, in use by the airlines and cruise lines, and the passenger or purchaser of this tour and/or passage and Tour Operator assume no liability or responsibility in connection therewith. Also, the Tour Operator WILL NOT BE responsible for: (a) flight schedule changes, mechanical breakdowns, government actions, weather, acts of God, acts of war or aggression, whether declared or undeclared, hijackings, or other circumstances beyond its control, including any connecting flights that may be missed as a result thereof (participants should consider the possibility of delays when arranging connecting flights); (b) the failure to follow instructions, including but not limited to check-in and check-out times and baggage handling; and, (c) charges incurred relating to single room/stateroom requirements either by the passengers themselves or their assigned roommates. Payment of the deposit or any partial or full payment for a reservation constitutes consent to all provisions listed in this brochure.

Flight Schedule
(Subject to change until tickets are issued)

JUN 06 LH 439 DFW/FRA 3:55P-8:50A+1
JUN 07 LH 686 FRA/TLV 10:20A-3:25P
JUN 16 LH 687 TLV/FRA 4:30P-8:00P
JUN 17 LH 438 FRA/DFW 10:15A-2:10P

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